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A Tata Elxsi Compendium | 2024

Generative AI: Reinventing Healthcare and Life Sciences ​

A collaborative POV with Philips

From Diagnosis to Prognosis, this fusion will not just be a concept for the future, but a transformative reality.

Streamlining medical operations with precision and pioneering Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances compliance with RegTech. A deep dive.

Leap in Patient Treatment with Gen AI​

While Gen AI continues to shape hyper-personalised services, its integration into healthcare harnesses its potential to individualise treatment strategies, particularly when conventional approaches fall short. Gen AI makes it possible to integrate huge volumes of data from various sources such as genomic data, EHRs, clinical data etc. to create digital twins of the individual and craft personalised care plans for them.

Philips Healthcare
Ajit Ashok Shenvi, Philips Innovation Center

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Focus on Experience with AI

The evolution in healthcare delivery models that we see today is creating a confluence of innovation, activity and participation in digital healthcare platforms. This interest and demand is prompting the creation of better patient and provider experiences and fueling the adoption of emerging technology and AI in healthcare.

Atul Singh, LG Electronics Digital Health

Use Cases

AI’s role in Enhancing Patient Outcomes, Streamlining Operations, Transforming Treatments

Pioneering AI Uses in Healthcare and Life Sciences
Use Cases

Pioneering AI Use Cases

Unlock the potential of AI in healthcare and life sciences, from diagnostics to patient care setting new standards in productivity and efficiency.​

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Redefining Patient Care Paradigm

The integration of AI into smart medical devices represents a paradigm shift in personalized healthcare. Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, we're witnessing an era where devices not only monitor health metrics in real-time but also predict and prevent adverse health outcomes before they occur. This transformation is not just about enhancing the efficiency of diagnostics and therapeutics; it's about fundamentally redefining the patient-care paradigm.

Zimmer Biomet
Jody Blanchard, Chief Information Security Officer, Zimmer Biomet

From Theory to Action - A Practitioner's Guide

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